Cover Story: Christian History in Quaker Tell All

March 2016 Christian History tells the whole story of the Religious Society of Friends, from then until now.
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Quakers Give Award to Sen. Dick Durbin

The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL), a Quaker lobby in Washington, D.C. gave their Edward F. Snyder Award to Senator Richard Durbin at their annual meeting in November 2015. 
Sen Durbin was recognized for " successfully organizing Senate support for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action to peacefully resolve the dispute over Iran's nuclear program; leading the effort to increase U.S. humanitarian and resettlement support for Syrian refugees; and advancing criminal justice reform through bipartisan action."  

Northside Friends Meeting sent a congratulary letter to Sen. Durbin.  We are proud and grateful for our Senator who is working on behalf of peace and humanitarian need.

Northside Friends Meeting is an active and diverse community of worship that meets each week in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. Our members come from the immediate neighborhood and from as far away as Hyde Park and Oak Park. We view the Friends Committee on National Legislation as our voice for peace and justice in the nation’s capital.
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Northside Friends Endorses Quaker Statement on Climate Change

Northside Friends endorsed a shared statement on Climate change that was authored by Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW), Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL), and Quaker United Nations Organization, (QUNO).  TRhe statement follows

A Shared Quaker Statement: Facing the Challenge of Climate Change

It would go a long way to caution and direct people in their use of the world, that they were better studied and knowing in the Creation of it. For how could [they] find the confidence to abuse it, while they should see the great Creator stare them in the face, in all and every part of it?” William Penn, 1693

As Quakers, we are called to work for the peaceable Kingdom of God on the whole Earth, in right sharing with all peoples.[1] We recognize a moral duty to cherish Creation for future generations. We call on our leaders to make the radical decisions needed to create a fair, sufficient and effective international climate change agreement.
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