Child Care

Northside Friends Meeting First Day (Sunday) Childcare Job Description

Duties Each First Day:

  1. Arrive by 9:45am to set up in childcare room & greet children as they arrive.
  2. Bring out the toy box for infants & preschoolers and the crafts supplies for older children.
  3. Do a Safety Check:
  4. Look for small items that are easy to swallow, remove to wastebasket
  5. Check floor for sharp objects like staples, pins or tacks.  Look out for anything babies might put in their mouths that may not be good for them and remove it.
  6. Be ready for children when they arrive; or you are welcome to join us in worship for the first ten minutes.
  7. Children will spend the first 10 minutes in worship with their parents.  A parent, other adult or you will bring them to the childcare room after this time.
  8. Someone will come to get you around 11:00am for introductions and announcements at the end of Meeting.
  9. Clean Up: Please wait until after announcements to put things away. Put toys and books in their bins & put away. Clean up art projects & put away supplies. (It is recommended that older children help with clean-up)
  10. Typically, the job will run no later than 11:30. Keep track of your time. Round up or down to the nearest 15 minutes.
  11. Pay is $20/25/hour based upon experience.
  12. The childcare person is paid monthly.  A weekly time sheet will be provided.


·         A child-centered individual
·         Capable of handling conflict in an equitable and peaceful manner
·         Experience with children of mixed ages 0-12

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Update from Northside Friends 2014 Fall Retreat

The Northside Friends Meeting Fall Retreat was held Saturday September 13, 2014 at The Admiral at the Lake. The retreat was well-attended and received positive feedback from all participants! Here are some key points brought to the meeting for further consideration and discernment.

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Northside Friends 2014 Fall Retreat is Sept. 13

The Northside Friends Fall Retreat will be Saturday Sept 13 at The Admiral at the Lake, 929 W Foster Ave in Chicago.
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