Northside Friends Thresh Chicago Quaker School

Northside Friends held a threshing session Sunday, Jan. 30, as it advances the formation of the Quaker Meeting's relationship to the Chicago Friends School.

Opened for its first school year in Sept. 2010, the Chicago Friends School is the first Quaker school in Illinois, with eight children enrolled in pre -kindergarten through second grade.

Northsiders Mark Robinson and Marie White, married under the care of Northside Friends, helped found the school and are involved in its operation: Mark is clerk of the school's board of directors; Marie is on the school's curriculum committee. Their daughter Lilly attends the school, which is located in a former Montessori school near
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charley.earp 08 Feb : 03:33
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The title is a bit to jargony. It even sounds a bit violent. Instead of "thresh" perhaps "consider our relationship with" might work better.

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